Local Web Developer Merges With Marketing Agency

July 8, 2019|

Software and website developer PowerServe has merged with NewFire Media, a digital marketing and advertising agency, under the Powerserve brand.

The merger went into effect on July 1.

Powerserve, located in downtown Augusta, Ga., was established in 1998 and specializes in manufacturing execution system services, digital payment solutions, website management, mobile apps, and custom software development for businesses of all sizes.

NewFire Media, located in Hammonds Ferry (North Augusta, SC), has more that ten years of digital marketing strategy and advertising, working with national brands, regional and local businesses and non-profit organizations.

“NewFire Media has earned an incredible track record in the digital marketing,” says Powerserve President, Jeff Partl. “Its proven ability to partner with its clients and deliver proven results, be they direct to consumer or business-to-business, combined with Powerserve’s ability to develop custom software within multiple languages and platforms allows us to serve both a company’s business needs and marketing objectives.”

The two companies are creating a new central brand in growing web development and digital advertising.

“We are thrilled with this new partnership,” said Jeremy Mace, president of NewFire Media. “It has always been our goal to maximize value and prove ROI, by treating each client as a true ‘partner.'”

NewFire and Powerserve have gained status as one of the original Google Partners, HubSpot Partner and as a Facebook Media Partner.

“With Powerserve’s expertise in managing Big Data, application development, and website management, this merger will exponentially increase our ability to identify qualified audiences and drive digital engagement,” says Partl. “Well-executed digital strategy in tandem with optimal web design and site-management is the paragon for delivering search discovery, brand and reputation management and revenue. We are simply thrilled about the opportunity to prove even greater service for our clients and those that we will serve in the future.”

For more information about each company, click here and here.

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