Retailers to Open Collaborative Shop in Heart of North Augusta

June 24, 2019|

Two retailers will soon open a collaborative shop in downtown North Augusta.

Rustic Elm, a women’s clothing boutique, and Shoppe 3130, which carries accessories, gift items and party supplies, will open in July after both owners spent years growing their businesses online and from home.

“It just worked out, worked out for us to build up both our customer base, share our retail staff,” said Jenny Elliott, who c-owns Shoppe 3130 with her husband, Jesse. “We kind of have the same style and the same vision for this area.”

When it comes to accessories, the Elliott’s have three priorities guiding the selection of products they sell: cute, comfy and affordable. They also sell products with North Augusta and Augusta-specific designs, like Enterprise Mill.

“We wanted to put our roots down here, this is home to us now,” Elliott said. “And so we want our kids to learn about these places and this to be home for them even if they move away one day.”

Rustic Elm and Shoppe 3130 are located at 510 West Ave. When it opens, the shop will be open Monday through Saturday.

“It was more of that community with friends shopping and children welcome,” Lauren Muns, owner of Rustic Elm, said of the early days of her business, when she would sell clothes from her house.

“I wanted everybody to feel comfortable to come in here,” said Muns. “You don’t have to think ‘I want shop, but I have two toddlers and they’re going to be all over the place.'”

Muns, who spent the last 18 years selling real estate, said the boutique offers a multi-generational selection of women’s clothing and shoes.

“I wanted to have more of a line of clothing that could range from my 15-year-old to my grandmother,” she said.

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