Time to Start Thinking Ahead to Summertime Brews

May 3, 2019|

Man, did it feel like late fall the other morning or what! I believe it was the Monday after the tournament. The temperature was maybe low 50s, and the humidity was negligible.

Well, I hope you stopped and took a picture, because I sure didn’t. Now we have that purgatory of a time when we simply wait for the heat to rise. For me, this is the time of year during which I gradually change out my natural-fiber golf shirts for ones with athletic material.

It’s also the time of year during which I begin to write about brews which may serve well as quenchers of thirst on a muggy afternoon in the Deep South. Shall we?

Rinse/Repeat Brut IPA

The Westbrook Brewing Company across the creek is particularly known for its Two Claw and Three Claw around these parts — watch out for that Three Claw. This specific craft of beer (as trendy as it may seem at first glance) can be done, well, decently or not.

Admittedly, to say I have limited experience with the Brut IPA would be an understatement. So, I’d better get started.

Rinse/Repeat pours a hazy orange gold with a white head. The galaxy hops are evident throughout, with notes of citrus zest and a pleasant bite. The taste is significant, with more of a citrus body to it than bitter peel.

The decay? Well, it’s perfect for the summertime. The finish is really quite dry — a welcome attribute to polish off a substantially good taste.

I’ve never sprung for an expensive bottle of brut, but I would definitely spring for this brut IPA again — soon. Try it with a meal that includes apricots.

Ben Casella thought he was drinking champagne for years until someone told him it was brut because it didn’t come from the right region. He thought about it for a minute, had a nice chuckle, and just kept on walkin’.

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