Take a 360 View to See Blessings and Opportunities

May 27, 2019|

Do you see and take advantage of the blessings and opportunities that regularly come your way? If so, you are part of a rare breed of people.

Have you wondered why others look at some of the same things you do but don’t see the potential? The answer is that you have cultivated an amazing gift, and it is a crucial one for successful entrepreneurs — perhaps for successful people in any field. Why doesn’t everyone see and capture the opportunities and blessings around them?

First of all, they have not cultivated the 360-degree-thinking view of life. Opportunities can come from anywhere, including from behind.

Some 360 thinking comes from life experiences. It comes with an imaginative nature, possibly tinged with a bit of cynicism. 360 thinking is being able to see patterns in life events — fitting together diverse parts, especially seeing the parts that do not fit and calling them out because they can be spoilers to the whole scene.

Does this make sense to you? If so, you are probably a 360-degree person. But there are other attributes to consider.

Secondly, people miss opportunities and blessings because they accept things as they are without question, ever. If you are always playing by the rules, you are playing someone else’s game. Play your own game. Make your own rules, and dictate the conditions of the game you play.

Those who see opportunities have a willingness to color outside the lines. When you think that way, you take control and turn the opportunity into your opportunity.

Third, some people don’t ask for the blessings and opportunities in life. When we ask and expect, we are more likely to see them. If we never ask or expect, how much less likely are we to see an opportunity when it is presented?

Asking and believing sets the whole universe in motion — and in your favor.

The very act of belief is powerful inside your brain. The word belief comes from two words: “Be” and “lief.” Be comes from being, which is a state of existence. To be is to live. The second word, lief, comes from the Indo-European word “leubh,” which means love.

So, when you put that together it changes the entire idea of the word belief. Belief means to be in love with. When you are in love with something you want to be part of it — you seek it out.

Fourth, people don’t see opportunities because they are lazy. “Some things appear to come easy to others, so I expect the same,” is wrong thinking.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady makes it look easy. I know some motivational speakers who make it look easy. I know it’s not.

Lazy doesn’t see blessings and opportunities because doing so takes work and it’s not easy. I’ve had the opportunity to write multiple national Telly Award-winning television commercials. It’s 60-90 words. It’s not that hard but I have practiced it over and over since I was 16 years old. So, when the opportunity came to write these, I was well prepared.

Seeing an opportunity takes preparation, but capturing and cultivating that opportunity takes work, and work is a four-letter word to some folks.

Finally, I think people don’t seize the blessings and opportunities that come their way because they are more comfortable in their failure. We are all familiar with failure. It is a two-sided coin.

On the one side, failure pushes us to do better and succeed the next time. On the flip side, failure is an excuse to stop, complain, delay and put off. It’s a place to stew, and there are plenty of people in the stew with you, so it feels comfortable.

Doing something always means there is a chance of failure. If you fear failure, don’t do stuff. But it also means there is a chance to win, to accomplish, to gain, to see victory, to set a new path!

The joy of life is in living. Failure and success are both part of the energy that charges us. Winning is, as one of my friends says, “The Juice.”

There are opportunities and blessings surrounding us daily. See them, capture them and make the most of them. The more you do, the more you will see.

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