State Farm Branch to Open Downtown

May 3, 2019|

A new branch of State Farm will open downtown next month. It will be the insurance company’s only branch in downtown Augusta.

Michael Ingham, previously a representative of Southeast Restoration Group, decided to take the position as a State Farm agent to reach people in an area where he says State Farm hasn’t had an agent in around 20 years.

“Peddling products…that’s not who I want to be,” Ingham said. “I want to be somebody who can have a really deep, authentic relationship with folks and really meet tangible needs in a life-changing way.”

The branch will be located at 1126 Broad St, a location that Ingham thinks will give him the opportunity to make personal connections with the surrounding community and provide quality financial assistance for those who might not have it. The branch will open June 1.

“I could be in a strip mall somewhere off the side of a major thoroughfare, or I could be in a place where a lot of people are walking by,” Ingham said. “You can just connect at a more intimate level with people…there’s just something about downtowns that can do that.”

Ingham said the branch will include him and two, possibly three other agents.

“I think if I can be a part of helping neighbors move towards financial freedom, to give them some wind in their sales a little bit,” he said. “If you’ve got some stability, it’s a really dignifying thing.”

Ingham said he’s excited to be the first kid on the block for State Farm.

“So much has happened with the cyber stuff and the depot project,” Ingham said. “We’re a couple turns away. Greenville used to look as bad as Augusta did in the ’90s. Chattanooga used to look as bad as Augusta did in the ’90s. And (those cities) had these remarkable transformations. I think being a part of that journey is going to be fun.”

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