Central Savannah River Land Trust to Host Annual 5K Run

May 16, 2019|

The Central Savannah River Land Trust will host its 5th annual “Run for the Hills”, a 5K trail run on North Augusta’s Greystone Preserve, a 262-acre nature preserve packed with mature oak-hickory forests, creeks with granite outcroppings, and endangered wildflowers. The run will take place on June 1.

The trail’s course leads into the heart of a scenic landscape, through twists and turns, along the creeks and over the hilly terrain.

The Central Savannah River Land Trust is a nationally accredited, local non-profit focused on preserving Augusta’s landscape.

Since 2001, the Land Trust has preserved over 9,000 acres in Georgia and South Carolina along the Savannah River basin.

All proceeds benefit the preservation of additional landscapes throughout the CSRA. Interested individuals can register here. Prizes are awarded to the top runners in each category.

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