A Partial House Wash Does Little to Save Money

May 6, 2019|

At least once a week, a prospective customer will request an estimate on a partial pressure wash of his or her home. The customer will say things like, “Only one side of my home really needs to be cleaned” or “I’ve completed two sides of my home and just don’t have the time to finish the rest.”

While we’re happy to provide those estimates and agree that in today’s economy any chance to save money is a great idea, a partial cleaning is just not practical.

One reason a partial house wash is impractical is that the cost difference between a partial and full is so minimal that it doesn’t make any financial sense to not have the whole house washed. In fact, most service-related industries, such as pressure-washing companies, have a company minimum price that they cannot go below without losing money on a job.

What most customers don’t realize is that majority of the cost in washing a house is related to the unseen factors of simply being in business. Insurance, employee-related expenses, equipment maintenance, marketing, utilities, shop rent, phones, fuel, training, detergents and travel time all are still necessary, regardless of whether one side or all sides of a home get washed. The technicians still need to travel to the property, still need to unroll all the hoses, still need to mix detergents, still need to allow the dwell time before a rinse that would normally occur while soaping another side of the home, and must still roll up all the hoses again.

Generally, the request for a one-side wash is the dirtiest side, which, during an entire-house wash, would have taken the longest amount of time. So, you see that doing the rest of house only adds a minimal amount of time. Thus, the cost difference is of no impact.

Additionally, the quality of the clean and longevity of the clean are hindered when partial washes are done. Imagine only washing one side of your car because the mud and pollen are only seen on that side. Once you’re finished, you’d see dirty water and soap stains splashed onto the other side of your car, as well as being able to see just how dirty all your car was to begin with.

This is precisely what happens when you only clean one side of your home. Water and detergents used during the cleaning splash onto other sides, leaving clean streaks and highlighting all the dirt and mildew left behind.

Also, those sides of the house that the customer feels don’t need washing do, in fact, have the same mildew that the dirty sides have. It just isn’t thriving in the same way that it thrives on the northwest side, where it builds up to large colonies of mold and algae. If all of the mold and algae isn’t killed and removed, the rest of house becomes infested quicker and the clean isn’t as long-lasting.

Lastly, the request for a partial wash typically comes from a failed attempt at DIY washing. Some customers think that washing a house is a no-brainer, easy-to-do procedure. Then, they begin work and discover that using a rented pressure washer can be difficult and time-consuming and that the job requires more than one person to do effectively.

Having licensed and insured pressure-washing technicians who are trained to safely and effectively clean the exterior of your home not only saves you time, it can also save your body the aches and pains of hours’ worth of labor and sun exposure.

So, the next time you’re in the market for the exterior cleaning of your home, remember, it’s always cost- and time-effective to take care of all four sides. Dedicated, knowledgeable pressure-washing companies want to do the best, most thorough job for you to ensure you get your money’s worth.

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