Nothing Stays Fixed in Mechanics or in Business

April 22, 2019|

My son and I are rebuilding a 30-year-old motorcycle for his high school senior project. After several months of working on it, the machine was finally ready for the road.

We anxiously took it to Augusta University for a maiden voyage. Before long, the motorcycle was shrouded in smoke, the clutch burnt out. As we pushed it back into the garage, my son looked at me and asked, “Nothing ever stays fixed, does it, Dad?”

He is so right! It is a critical lesson we in business need to remember. Business conditions change, employees change and, most particularly for me, laws change.

This came to focus recently when the federal Department of Labor (DOL) announced hearings on a new overtime rule. At the end of the Obama administration, the DOL announced a new rule to increase the minimum salary for employees exempt from overtime rules. The Trump administration blocked that rule.

Now the DOL is back, asking for comment on a rule with a more modest increase.

Businesses, particularly small businesses, need to stay alert and respond to changes in our workplace, be they internal nor external. We cannot be asleep at the wheel, assuming all is well.

Stay informed, stay awake or get left behind, because truly, nothing ever stays fixed!

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