Lack of Groundhog Shadow Segues Into Spring Beer Styles

February 26, 2019|

As I continue to undergo the aging process, it seems as though I become a little more heat-intolerant from year to year. Maybe I just enjoy my sweaters and jackets more than I used to, or maybe I just enjoy visiting the dry cleaners with relatively less frequency.

At any rate, suffice it to say that I am not pleased with Punxsutawny Phil for his ineffectiveness at seeing his own shadow this year. Was that too much to ask for? I don’t want it freezing. I just remember a few years back when it hit 100 degrees in May.

Well, I suppose I’ll just jump right to the last phase of grief and accept that my six more weeks of winter seem to be gone the way of New Coke and Crystal Pepsi. So, I’ll take a small step and segue into spring to review a beer for the season: a bock beer.

Cherry Chocolate Bock

This German bock from the Boston Beer Company (which you may know better as Samuel Adams) is a decent representative of its craft of beer, which you might come across on tap or in the beer aisle of the grocery store.

It’s pretty dark, as you might have guessed, with a cappuccino head to match. Cherry is readily apparent on the nose, as is chocolate. However, it is the chocolate that wins out on the tongue. The chocolate (with detectable bits of cherry) is a bit sweet for my taste, but I’m not one to eat a candy bar or hoard the Jolly Ranchers, either.

The ABV is 5.8 percent and is relatively protected in the taste. All in all, I’d say Cherry Chocolate Bock is, well, pretty good for my taste. Moreover, I think it’s fun to have a beer every now and then that’s a little “off-the-menu” from one’s usual and customary palate. As we’d say down South, it keeps you honest.

While writing this column, Ben Casella kept typing “segway” in the third paragraph. However, it kept being autocorrected to being capitalized. He learned something that day.

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