A User-Friendly Dark Brew for the Winter Months

February 8, 2019|

True to form, my camellias have bloomed during the first week of January. This can only mean one thing: We’re going to have a cold winter following our usual and customary warm spell right around the start of the new year.

Never you mind, however, because you now have guidance as to what to have in your mug as you winter the winter. A beer one could chew comes to mind, as does a beer with which one could lubricate an internal combustion engine. However, in the interests of being good diplomats for those who don’t have the beards, tweed hats or elbow-patched blazers necessary to chew beer, let’s go a bit more user-friendly with a darn good and stately brew from Terrapin.

Salted Caramel Imperial Moo-Hoo

You’ve likely had Moo-Hoo (the progenitor to this month’s brew) before. This dark beer from Athens, Georgia’s Terrapin Beer Company has, in my opinion, a most appropriate name in that it’s not really a high-cocoa bitter, but more of a milk chocolate ale.

It’s sweet, but not to the degree that it leaves one wanting to chug water after a sip or two. Think of Salted Caramel Imperial Moo-Hoo as a slightly more talkative uncle to Moo-Hoo.

I have difficulty placing the salted caramel, but it’s in there somewhere. What I appreciate most, however, are the more bitter aspects of this brew. If chocolate can be balanced, Terrapin has done a fine job of it. The sweeter aspects from the original Moo-Hoo translate sufficiently, but the bitter decay of the Imperial’s stronger body let the sipper know that this is a bit more refined, yet not snubbing at all to the senses.

At the time this column was written, there were a couple left at Summerville Ace, and I don’t know if or when Terrapin will brew this one again. Worth your while, though. Worth your while.

Ben Casella did grow what some would consider a beard over the holidays. He thought it looked cool and sophisticated. Others thought it looked like something was wrong with him or just plain didn’t notice.

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