Take 5 to Evaluate If Your Job Fits Your Values

January 13, 2019|

We spend most of our lifetime working, and although that might sound depressing at first, it is how it should be. We aren’t meant to simply consume and stagnate, but to create and contribute.

However, it has been estimated that more than 80 percent of people don’t like their jobs. They go to work miserable, disgruntled and dissatisfied. Now, that is sad.

There are no doubt various reasons for this, but I do believe there is hope. It may require a job change, if possible, but a change in our perspective is most helpful.

The following exercise is called “Take 5,” and I have personally applied it and shared it with members on my team. It’s helpful because we often struggle at work when we feel like we are not meeting expectations or we insecure about our contributions and/or aren’t stimulated and challenged by what we do. So, this reflective exercise is helpful.

It starts with listing at least 5 Beliefs we have about how our job can help others and contribute to solving problem(s) we are passionate about. Sounds big, but almost anything we do actually creates a ripple effect and can make a greater impact than what we might initially assume.

Second, list Benefits, or strengths and skills we possess, that make us uniquely effective in our role. These strengths might be empathy for others, specific experiences, talents, or gifts like service and teaching.

Lastly, consider Behaviors, or actions, we can take in order to leverage and maximize our benefits to propel the beliefs we have about our job. In other words, what can we begin doing differently and/or proactively in our jobs to make things happen? This is basically our action plan.

By “taking 5” and investing some time to think about and consider what we do and why we do it, we can better see the value of the positions we hold. Taking 5 also helps us realize how we might be uniquely gifted for our roles and discover new ways we can begin leveraging our roles to make a difference.

It might also help clarify that we are in the wrong job and potentially identify a position that we have passion for and can benefit through our unique talents, skills and gifts.

Far too often we jump into things without much thought or decide to invest our lives in something simply for money. However, it’s been proved time and again that no amount of money or job prestige can ultimately fulfill us completely.

Job satisfaction doesn’t have to elude the vast majority of working people. Far too often we find we get trapped, working for reasons that leave us empty.

It might be doing a job because someone else directed us that way, like our parents, or we do a job simply for monetary reasons. But there is always opportunity to work at something we are passionate about when we invest the time to consider how, why and what we do and how it can be used for a greater good and impact beyond merely ourselves.

This gives purpose to our daily duties and motivates us to a greater cause — elevating our spirits and motivations when Mondays come back around.

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