True Greatness Measured by Heart, Not Wallet

December 19, 2018|

Most of us instinctively aspire for greatness. We want to do well and leave a positive impact. However, it’s quite easy to run in directions that might not make the most impactful imprints we ultimately desire.

What makes people truly mighty? Is it how much they accumulate for themselves? Is it what they drive, where they live, how many houses they own and/or how much money they make?

Many people believe so and find themselves sacrificing far too much for it. This is a very limited view.

Rather, what about people who have none of these things and yet impact countless lives through their love, care and generosity? Aren’t they mighty, too?

Indeed they are, but such sacrificial living doesn’t seem to gain the fanfare, glitz and glitter that having lots of money seems to generate.

Working in the financial industry allows me to see this defining-of-greatness dynamic played out up close and personal. Interestingly, when you get to the root of someone’s goals and desires, that person often mistakenly attaches them to money, when in reality his or her deepest desires reach far beyond that.

More than anything, they want to provide for their families, to try and protect their loved ones from hardship, support causes that have meaning to them and give to others in ways that help them improve others’ lives. They ultimately want to make a difference.

They assume money is the answer and the way to accomplish all this, like I once did. Clearly, in many ways it helps, but money isn’t what makes us mighty.

Genuine strength comes from what we choose to do with what we already have. Clearly, there are some who only care about themselves and desire money solely for themselves, but this is not greatness. Greatness is not reduced to how great we can make ourselves materially.

As we consider this concept, consider how we currently focus, invest, use and allocate the resources we have beyond monetary terms. These assets, those that we all have some measure of, include our time, talents, treasures (possessions) and testimonies (our story).

We all have time, but how do we spend it? We all have talents, but how do we use them? We all have something tangible, but how do we put it to work? We all have a story, but how do we share it to encourage others?

We can hoard, hide, waste or invest all of these assets.

In short, being strong and mighty reaches far beyond our money. In many ways, money is the cheapest thing we have. Everything else we possess comes from inside us. Our hearts impact our wallets.

It’s encouraging to see light bulbs go off when people realize their greatness isn’t determined by their bank account. This means anyone can be mighty when they choose to invest what they have to benefit others and make a positive impact in their homes, communities and workplaces.

Under these terms, greatness will be measured by the size of one’s heart, not the size of one’s wallet.

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