No White Christmas, But a Tasty Brown Beer for the Holidays

December 28, 2018|

I am not dreaming of a white Christmas. I will not tell you that I want your days to be merry and bright. I don’t want you to have a cup of cheer. Let’s see … what else is there? OK, OK.

I like dark beers out of mugs this time of year. In fact, it’s finally time to break out my mug that looks like the ones they serve butterbeer in. If you’re not abreast of the wizarding world, I suggest you look that one up.

So, what am I going to serve first in my favorite winter mug?

 Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

A departure from the hoppier to the relatively malty is welcome for me this time of year. With that said, I really don’t have a sweet tooth, per se. Yet I really enjoy this brew and also agree with its nomenclature.

The hazelnut is more apparent on the nose for me than on the tongue, but it is present throughout. I first tried this beer when it only came on draft or in a bomber. Now that it’s canned, I still appreciate it as well as I did a decade or so ago. Back then, I enjoyed it from a bottle more than on draft, and now I’m having a similar experience with the cans. I’m not going to even attempt an intelligent explanation for that. It’s just how I feel — leave it alone.

I’m also not going to dwell on the fact that I had one of these beers on Dec. 1 around 7 p.m. during a certain football game.

All in all, I’d recommend Hazelnut Brown Nectar as a full-bodied yet highly drinkable ale for this holiday season. It pairs well with spice bread, pumpkin bread, banana nut bread, Irish soda bread, challah bread, zucchini bread, cranberry bread and gingerbread. You get the point.


Ben Casella wishes you and yours a happiest of holiday seasons. He does, in fact, dream of a white Christmas and, indeed, does want your days to be merry and bright, but he will not drink beer from a cup (unless you’re buyin’).

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