Make the Needed Changes to Enjoy Each Day

December 3, 2018|

If you have read this column over the years, you know I tend to get philosophical at year’s end. This year is no different. These comments are directed to small business owners but apply to everyone.

On a recent Wednesday, someone who always speaks to me at the gym made the comment that he “wished it was Friday.”

Now, I do not really know this person other than to have a casual conversation in the gym. But my first thought was “Do not wish a day away.” I was put in mind of the parable of the rich fool in Luke’s Gospel. The rich fool builds new silos to hold his plentiful crop and thinks to himself he is now set and can relax. That night God takes him in his sleep.

We do not know the number of our days. So, we should try to avoid wishing the days away. If you own your own business and there is something you have not changed that is within your control, it must be because you do not want it to change. You are in charge!

Some of the best advice I ever heard was that 20 percent of your customers cause 80 percent of your problems. You should fire those customers. The truth is they are a drag on your business and probably cost you money.

As a small business, it is hard to trust that you will benefit from getting rid of customers. But you will! It works.

The new year is always a time of new beginnings and resolutions. This year, resolve not to have a life where there are predictable days you do not want. Everybody has good days and bad, but living a life where you are constantly looking past the week to the weekend is simply wishing your life away.

Happy New Year!

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