Sometimes Drastic Changes Are Needed for Success

November 12, 2018|

A few weeks ago, I did something drastic: I shaved my head.

Not that being bald is especially new to me. My hair started thinning in college, and I was bald on top by age 30. But I’d always kept my hair at the sides and in back, sometimes letting it grow a bit longer than I should have.

At the urging of my wife, and my own increasing dissatisfaction with longer hair, I visited my trusted barber and had her shave me down to the skin. The result has been one of all-around satisfaction — my wife loves it, I like it and people say it makes me look younger (and when you’re pushing 60, that’s a good thing to hear).

But it does take some getting used to. Now, instead of shampooing my hair in the shower, I reach for a razor and shaving cream. The best techniques and angles still require some thought, especially in the back where I can’t see.

Still, it was a good decision and one that I wish I’d made sooner.

I’m not writing this because I think anyone will be interested in my grooming habits, but because it is comparable to a situation that sometimes presents itself in the business world: Sometimes people need to take some drastic action to start up a business or to simply revitalize an existing one.

But “drastic” doesn’t mean making a rash decision. In fact, the more drastic the decision, the more time you should take in researching it.

When I seriously began considering the decision to shave my head, I did plenty of research. I read articles on the internet, watched YouTube videos and, most importantly, consulted with others who shave their heads on a regular basis. I learned that a full beard often presents a good counterpoint to a shaven head, so I have let my whiskers grow. I learned what products are helpful to creating a good shaving experience.

Likewise, when considering the drastic step of leaving the 9-to-5 world to start a business, or to make a big change in an existing business, take the time to do the research. The internet has a wealth of information about all kinds of business decisions. Locally, we have many business people and entrepreneurs who are willing to share their stories and offer advice that gives you the best chance of success (many of them are found within these pages).

Making a big change also means a new way of thinking about things. I am now much more conscious of wearing a hat or sunscreen when I go out in the sun. But I never worry about shampoo or combs or the wind messing up my hair.

The same goes for any big business changes you make. The old ways of doing things will no longer work, so you’ll have to get used to new routines and best practices. If you were used to a weekly paycheck as an employee, as an entrepreneur you might have to develop a new way of budgeting. If you’re making a big change in business, you’ll have to rethink your marketing strategies.

I like my new look, and I’m glad I did it. It has given me a renewed sense of confidence. When you make a big change in your business — if you did your due diligence — chances are that you’ll feel invigorated and have renewed confidence as well. And, if you’re lucky, it’ll make you look younger, too.

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