Fall is the Time for Fun Halloween Movies

October 3, 2018|

By Samantha Barksdale

Let me begin by saying that as an adult, I have mixed feelings about Halloween. When I was a kid, I loved the costumes and candy; as a teenager, it was the gory films and haunted houses that did it for me. These days, however, I have no desire to see monsters, blood and guts, much less scare myself half to death with tales of the supernatural. Lucky for you, I decided to start small and build my courage up. So, turn the lights down, grab some candy corn and get ready for Halloween fun.

‘The Vampire’s Assistant’ (2009)

When I said I had to start small, I meant it. This PG-13 film centers on two teenage boys. Straight-laced Darren and bad boy Steve are the best of friends until Darren’s parents try to put an end to things. The boys sneak out together one last time and end up at Cirque du Freak. As the name implies, things get a little freaky.

After the show, Darren impulsively steals something from one of the performers, effectively endangering his life and the lives of those he loves. Soon afterwards, he finds himself indebted to a vampire, has become a vampire himself and is entangled in a war between two clans. Let’s just say he’s having a rough couple of days.

While there’s a little profanity and sexual innuendo, The Vampire’s Assistant is little more than a kids’ movie with a heart-warming message. We should all learn to accept each other’s differences and love ourselves, even when we make mistakes.


‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ (2015-present)

If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while, you already know how much I love campy B films — the original Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness are some of my all-time favorites. Are they filled with blood and guts? Of course, but they’re also completely ridiculous, and there’s no time to be scared when you’re rolling your eyes at corny jokes.

The Ash vs. Evil Dead series picks up where the original story left off. It’s 30 years later, and Ash is the same overconfident, underachieving lower-class loser he has been since he defeated evil all those years ago. Now, after a night of partying and making bad decisions, he’s back in action.

If you aren’t familiar with the Evil Dead story line, don’t worry, it’s easy to follow. Ash is pretty much a moron, but he has managed to protect the Book of the Dead for a long time. When he accidently unleashes the forces of evil, he and his unlikely group of followers decide to do whatever it takes to send evil back to the underworld.

Ash vs. Evil Dead might not be Emmy-worthy, but it’s fun to watch. The dialogue is witty and filled with figurative language (this English teacher’s dream), and the episodes are short. To put it in terms Ash would understand, if you’re looking for a good time, check out Ash vs. Evil Dead.

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