Superhero Flicks Inspire Superheroes in Education

September 4, 2018|

By Samantha Barksdale

Summer is officially over. Well, maybe not officially, but it’s back to work for us teachers. Prepping for new students, trying to figure out new technology and lots of meetings make Sam a tired girl. Sometimes it feels like the only way to get it all done in time is to have super powers. With that in mind, this month’s reviews are dedicated to superheroes of all kinds. Maybe this isn’t your usual viewing choice, but when you as overwhelmed as I am, you need a little saving.

‘Black Lightning’
In case you haven’t figured it out, I truly believe that anybody working in education is a superhero. So, when my son told me the protagonist of this series was a high school principal fighting gang violence to protect his students, I was in.
Once upon a time, Jefferson Pierce decided to use his power to control electricity to fight crime. After almost dying in his bathtub one night, his wife told him she’d had enough. She wouldn’t be married to a superhero and most certainly would not subject their daughters to that life.
Fast forward and Pierce is now the much-respected principal of Garfield High School. It’s been nine years since he fought crime, and he is closer than ever to getting his wife back. Unfortunately for Pierce, crime is about to bust down the doors of his school and his home.
I’ll be the first to admit this show can be ridiculously cheesy. But what do you really expect from a superhero series? In the midst of all the cliches, however, the show does attempt to address issues facing African-Americans today. At times, the way this is done distracts from the premise of the show, but I can respect the effort. Overall, Black Lightning is definitely worth checking out.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’
So, maybe I’m a little behind the times here, but Thor is apparently really popular. I clearly missed the boat on the first film, but it was pretty easy to get caught up with the sequel.
So here’s the deal. Thor, the god of Thunder, has been far from his home planet of Asgard for some time. He finds out it is facing destruction and heads back to save the day. In the process, he finds out there’s more to the history of his people than he thought and finds help in unlikely places. It’s pretty simple.
Maybe I made this movie sound a little dull, but it certainly wasn’t. The dialogue was clever, the fight scenes were intense and the characters were endearing. I definitely recommend Thor, I just don’t have enough space in this column to even begin to describe the fantastic places and people you’ll meet watching it. Just trust me, you’ll enjoy it!

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