Enjoy a Good Brew Among Good Friends

September 21, 2018|

Like many Augustans, the Village Deli at Daniel Village is one of those spots that defines the concept of “local” for me. The fries are just the best, and I’ve had a decades-long run with that hot pastrami sandwich.

The other night, while dining there with my family, I saw no fewer than 10 people who we know. I enjoy that about Augusta: It’s big enough to go and get lost if you so desire but small enough to go somewhere and know you won’t be a stranger. That somewhere, for me, is the Village Deli.

OK, now back to beer.

The Deli has a good beer selection, and the other night was no different. I decided to do something a little different and go for the steak quesadilla (which was delicious), and, to wash it down, A Night on Ponce IPA from Georgia’s own Three Taverns Brewery.

This beer is a go-to for me these days, and I decided to have it from the can with my quesadilla. The nose conveys as significant of a hoppy note as I’ve experienced. In today’s craft society, it seems to be commonplace to see how much hops one can cram into a bottle or can. A Night on Ponce stops just shy with a balance that consummates citrus and earth with pine and floral.

Suffice it to say the hops obviously win in the end, but it’s always pleasant to have a beer that maintains a balance while being a more robust member of its craft at the same time.

A Night on Ponce is awesome as a standalone, but it also did well as a complement to my steak quesadilla. I would also recommend enjoying it with gooey fries or, amongst other items, the Hickory burger. Enjoy!

Unlike many of his fellow Aquinas grads, Ben Casella did not work at the Village Deli in his younger years. He did, however, have a brief stint making corn dogs at the Brynwood Pool.

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  1. Danny M
    September 25, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    What was the point of this? It’s neither about the Augusta local scene nor craft beer. It’s basic word vomit – just an excuse to expense your dinner?

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