Your Pie Offers Wide Range of Pizza Choices

August 31, 2018|

When one embraces a low-carb diet as the norm, the excitement about an assignment to review a restaurant called Your Pie can only be described as euphoric. My editor provided me with a legitimate — and delicious — excuse to load up on all of my favorite pizza toppings, selected and stacked to my exact specifications.

So, I invited another carb-avoiding colleague along for the experience and we went into the meal thinking “Oh, we won’t eat the whole thing … just a small slice or two.” At the end of the meal, I had consumed every morsel except a few small pieces of crust I left behind — and even a piece from my colleague’s pizza!

Visitors to Your Pie in North Augusta are funneled into a “cafeteria line” to await a turn to place their order for a custom pizza, panini sandwich or salad. I’m sure the salads are great, as you can select a classic like a Caesar or Greek or create your own custom blend. However, I didn’t observe anyone ordering a salad during my visit. I did see a few grilled panini sandwiches.

Once your vehicle-for-goodies has been chosen, selections are made from a “salad bar” of toppings, including types of sauce, about a dozen vegetables, several types of cheese and a wide variety of proteins options.

With so many ingredients to choose from, the variations for customization were almost limitless. The 10-inch pre-made pizza crusts are available in white, wheat or gluten-free options. If you don’t want to customize your pizza, there are a half-dozen interesting-sounding specialty choices such as the Ischia, topped with extra-virgin olive oil, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil and garlic; and the Lineage, topped with marinara, mozzarella, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, black olives, pepperoni and Italian sausage.

My colleague chose a specialty pizza that was advertised by a poster on the front door: the peach prosciutto pie. The pie was topped with sliced fresh peaches, prosciutto ham, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese and drizzled with a balsamic vinegar glaze. She added grilled chicken for additional protein.

For my pizza, I initially selected all vegetarian toppings since all of my very favorites were offered: fresh spinach, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and feta cheese. At the last moment, I added grilled chicken to my pizza, too.

Once your pie is built, it slides into a brick oven for a few minutes to warm and allow the cheese to melt and is delivered to your table almost as quickly as it takes customers to serve their own drinks and find a place to sit. We were there at the height of lunch hour and there was a lively crowd indoors, so we opted to sit outside on the patio where it was quieter.

The most tempting portion of the meal was the gelato case just at the end of the order counter — almost a dozen flavors were offered. We both passed on dessert this time, but I might make a special trip back just to try the gelato.

Overall, my lunch-time experience at Your Pie was excellent: friendly, efficient service; delicious, high-quality ingredients; and quick enough for an affordable, lunch-hour meal. My meal cost less than $10. It will definitely be a new favorite when I hear the “call of the carbs!”

From downtown Augusta, Your Pie in downtown North Augusta is an easily accessible, quick choice for a business lunch, with the benefit of ample parking just outside the restaurant. Inside, there are plenty of tables for both small and larger parties.

The single open dining room was somewhat noisy, with lots of conversation and upbeat music playing in the background, but a spacious outdoor patio provides additional seating if a quieter space is needed for more intimate conversation. Your Pie’s fun atmosphere, delicious food choices and convenient location make it a welcome addition to the area’s workday casual lunch options.

Your Pie in North Augusta is at 434 Georgia Ave. and is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. There is a second location of Your Pie in Grovetown.

Food- 5
Price- 5
Location- 5
Networking- 4
Noise levels- 4

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