Consultants Help Businesses Improve

January 25, 2018|

By Neil Gordon

I’m just back from “warm and sunny” Anchorage, Alaska, my second trip there to help some talented journalists and salespeople at one of our Morris properties.

The highlights of my trip included the savings of nearly $50,000 I found in printing expenses for 2018 of the three publications there.

What I hope will be most sustainable is how the team and I came up with ways to improve the process of sales – identifying key industry categories for market to and prospecting differently by networking more – and the implementation of a monthly goal program I borrowed from Augusta Magazine.

It struck me how many talented consultants we have writing for Buzz on Biz and helping in the community.

Our cover story features a mentor to many in the CSRA, Jeff Annis. Jeff taught me to never become a commodity or get in a race to the bottom in terms of valuing the fees charged for our services. Jeff has transitioned from day-to-day CEO of Advanced Services for Pest Control into a local leader in the movement to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow. He’s done so with a local consulting company he co-owns and now through his involvement with Vistage and SCORE.

Please also review his call to action advertisement inviting your participation to a free breakfast workshop on Page 5.

We’re also blessed to have some really smart marketing, HR and leadership consultants write for us.

Columnist Ed Enoch is a trusted advisor of mine and in his article this month relates the importance of having your stable of professionals guiding your success. Besides the need for business attorneys such as himself, he shares the need for good financial advisors.

In this issue CPA Christine Hall simplifies the new tax laws and how it can help your business and your family. Financial adviser Kurt Mueller often advises business owners on certain deductions to take and lists some in our pages.

I have often wished I had Mark Alison’s intellect and thought process. He lets our readers know that if you “train your brain” you will come up with bigger and better ideas to help your team improve.

Stacy Roberts encourages us to better leaders by not trying to wield the power of our titles, but instead relating better to those who make us look good.

Danielle Harris reminds us to define who we are in business by understanding our “personal brand” and what messages we are putting out to the community.

Liz Klebba wants us to dress for success and proves her point by giving examples of how Fort Gordon’s finest can help area business professionals make a statement!

If you have “been there and done that” and are in a different place in your business, you may consider “cashing out.” Our business broker consultant, Tim Dalton, continues his series on avoiding common mistakes as you attempt to sell your business.

Buzz on Biz hopes you enjoy all of our columnists’ thoughts. Their article titles and page numbers are below.

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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