Virtual Golf Center Opens on Wheeler Road

November 6, 2017|

When it comes to getting the “okay” to accurately map out virtual golf courses for the entertainment of gamers everywhere, Augusta National is among those that are just about impossible. EA’s Tiger Woods franchise didn’t feature the course until 2012, and multiple games since then have been prohibited from featuring the course.

The same goes for a new virtual golf experience in town, but at least visitors will know they’re within a few miles of the real thing while they play. Other courses–nearby Sea Island being one of them–will have to do.

“I figured if this machine’s good enough for Jordan Spieth, it’s good enough for me,” said Tom Clancy, owner of Augusta Virtual Golf.

Clancy has outfitted the old Triumph-Ducati building (where Clancy also used to work) with two TruGolf simulators, which lets players choose from 36 courses. They can play in heavy wind, rain or shine. You can even hit balls at the presidential hopefuls of the 2016 election.

“If somebody wants a lesson, I’ll arrange that,” Clancy said.

Clancy’s golf entertainment center is geared toward people who want to learn and improve their skills. It’s all for fun, but potential patrons asking if the establishment serves alcohol have hung up disappointed.

“It’s ironic how many people have called and asked if I sell beer,” Clancy said.

Clancy charges $32 an hour for groups of four or less, and $18 for singles. As a lifelong golf fan and former player in college, he hopes it catches on with locals, particularly when golf season is in full swing. Of course, in the virtual golf world, the season is year-round.

Augusta Virtual Golf is located at 3656 Wheeler Rd.






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