Long-vacant Broad Street Building to House These Three Companies

October 4, 2017|

The building located at 972 Broad St, next to Stillwater Taproom, has been vacant for decades. But it will soon house three companies setting up Augusta offices downtown, News Channel 6 has reported.

Milestone Construction, technology and cyber recruiting agency Loop Recruitment and real estate developer 3D Development will all move into the building when it reaches completion, which is projected to be in early 2019.

Milestone Construction is in the unique situation of building its future home in the historic Broad Street building, which is currently condemned.

“Moving downtown will give us a chance to be at the heart of something special in our city, and downtown’s upward trend is something we are very excited about,” said Miles Dunstan, co-owner of Milestone Construction.

Leaders of the businesses say Historic Augusta, a group that preserves historically and architecturally significant buildings in Augusta, is helping with the project, too.

“It was important to us to be close to our strategic partners, and to be actively involved in the resurgence of downtown,” said Charlie Wall, director of business development at Loop Recruiting. “We think we are well-positioned to partner with energetic, technology-driven companies in the area.”

Wall is excited to move downtown, where a slew of businesses, including Taxslayer, Wier/Stewart, Merill Lynch and others, have set up their homebases, not to mention a growing number of restaurants and bars.

“LOOP is a crucial contributor to our company’s growth, leading multiple successful searches for executive-level talent,” said Brian Rhodes, CEO of TaxSlayer. “I look forward to the continued development of our business partnership as they make their move downtown.”




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