Movies Show the Patience, Persistence and Perspiration

September 27, 2017|

Samantha Barksdale

Some people have pretty disappointing lives. I know that seems like a harsh statement, but it’s true. Think about it, we all know that one person who can’t seem to get a break, can never get ahead and is always complaining about everything. But what does that person ever do to change his or her situation?

In my experience, people like that spend their time blaming others for their misfortunes and are never willing to do the exhausting work that is necessary for true success. True success requires long nights and working through the pain. Success requires you to be a little uncomfortable (well, maybe more than a little.) This month’s reviews are dedicated to Netflix films that feature individuals with the perseverance needed to be successful.

The Incredible Jessica James

I love this movie. Too often romantic comedies rely on cliché storylines that are entirely unbelievable and air on the Lifetime channel three times in a day. Thank you, Netflix, for giving us a rom-com with a witty and intelligent main character and a plotline that is outside of the box.

Jessica James is an aspiring New York playwright doing her best to get over a break-up. Well, maybe she isn’t really trying to get over it. She follows her ex on Instagram and takes a date to one of his favorite hangouts in the hope he’ll see her and get jealous. When he arrives with his own date and attempts to give a polite greeting, Jessica proceeds to verbally barrage him and his date. Ok, she isn’t taking the break up well.

When Jessica isn’t social media-stalking her ex, she spends her time writing plays and working to inspire local youths to do the same. She dreams of seeing her work on the stage and sends her plays out to production companies around the world. Unfortunately, Jessica hasn’t had much success when it comes to her own work, and she has a wall of rejection letters to prove it.

As I previously mentioned, I love this movie. Sure, Jessica can be a little obsessive, a little judgmental and loses her temper now and again, but aren’t we all guilty of those things. More importantly, she’s brave enough to say what she thinks, even when it makes people uncomfortable, to apologize when she’s wrong, and to keep trying, even when she’s been told no.

We could all learn a little something from Jessica James.

The Founder

Let me be honest about a few things before I start. First of all, I had completely forgotten what a great actor Michael Keaton is. Second, I didn’t recognize Nic Offerman (Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation) without facial hair. Finally, I act like I’m too good for McDonalds. Now, let’s get to the review.

The Founder is the story of Ray Kroc, played by Keaton, and his rise from a travelling salesman that nobody took seriously to the man who made McDonalds a billion-dollar company. Kroc finds himself in San Bernardino, amazed at the speed with which he is served quality food from the McDonald brother’s establishment. Once he hears their story, he can’t get the restaurant out of his mind.

I’ll admit it, this movie was eye-opening for me. For one, the McDonald brothers were brilliant. They adjusted their business time after time in search of the perfect balance of speed and quality. Seeing all they did gave me a new respect for the business.

Even with all of their brains, McDonalds would be nothing without Ray Kroc. He had the vision and guts necessary to take the business from a small stand in California to a logo recognized across the world. When people laughed at him, he kept going. When money got tight, he found a way. When the McDonald brothers wanted to keep things small, he pushed forward.

If you want the full story of McDonalds, you’ll need to do some research past the film. While good, there are a lot of missing details. Even so, the film shows true American ingenuity, something we could use a little more of today.

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