SideTrack Bar and Grill Closes, Makes Way for Sushi Restaurant

August 30, 2017|

SideTrack Bar and Grill closed its doors on Monday, and a sushi restaurant called Top Sushi and Steakhouse will take its place this fall.

Owner Chuck Large closed up shop after deciding to retire in Texas, where his wife has lived for the last several years and will retire as well. Large had been traveling back and forth from Texas to Augusta to run the restaurant. He became the owner of SideTrack in 1995 and first started trying to sell the space in 2010.

“You have a local bar and grill, and you start getting really dedicated customers,” Large says. “That’s what I’ll miss more than anything.”

SideTrack’s building on Washington Road won’t be dead for long, though. The new owners, Jin Xing Chen and Xiang Feng Lin, hope to have their new restaurant Top Sushi and Steakhouse open by November.

Lin currently owns Top China, a counter-serve eatery on Columbia Road. He’ll split his time between Top Sushi and Steakhouse and Top China, which he has owned for four years.

Large is 69 and says he’s looking forward to retirement, but he’ll miss everyone at restaurant where he’s been mkaing memories since 1995. One year, SideTrack was the location of a live show that occurred during the Masters, and Large says two or three golfers were present.

“We’re very sports-oriented,” Large says of his wife and him.

Large doesn’t have any intentions of opening a restaurant in Texas. That might make a little more time to play golf.



2 Responses to “SideTrack Bar and Grill Closes, Makes Way for Sushi Restaurant”

  1. Bill
    August 31, 2017 at 7:25 am

    It was in business a LOT longer than twenty-two years. The Sidetrack was around at LEAST since the early ’70s.

    • Gary Kauffman
      August 31, 2017 at 9:03 am

      Thank you for reaching out. We have made the correction. The correct statement is that Large has owned the bar and grill for 22 years.

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