Client Relationships are Paramount for Local Insurance Company of 20 Years

August 29, 2017|

A roomful of Head Capital Advisors associates took turns giving their best guesses in a game of trivia about their CEO Russell Head. One was a simple “Yes or No” question.

“Has he ever shaved his legs?”

“I have never shaved my legs!” Head said.

The celebration over ribs, laughter and good company continued as HCA celebrated its 20th anniversary. When the firm opened in 1997, it was founded as Group and Benefits Consultants, which went on to become the largest independent employee benefits firm in the CSRA.

“We make insurance a very personal decision for corporate clients as well as individuals trying to weave through benefits design and cost,” Head said. “We do a lot of things your typical insurance agency doesn’t.”

Some of those things include compliance advising, wellness advising and proprietary technology contracts. Head says one of the things HCA prides itself on the most is capitalizing on technology.

Head became a partner at Group and Benefits Consultants in 2000 and oversaw a period of strong growth for the company that hit in the early to mid-2000s. In 2015, the firm was bought by Acrisure LLC, one of the largest insurance firms in the country. Bringing in national support gave the Augusta firm access to more technology and support while maintaining a strong local presence.

“We’re transparent about what we do,” Head says. “Some people talk to their clients once a year.”

The next year, Group and Benefits Consultants was renamed Head Capital Advisors, and Head became its CEO. As far as the mission of the team of 16, Head says they want to educate their clients as much as possible.

“It’s taking that deeper dive into their needs,” Head says. “Some people in the technology industry need deeper benefits.”

The firm has the record to prove the effectiveness of that approach. HCA currently retains 98 percent of its group clients.

“I think when I think about the past 20 years, I’d say God’s graced and blessed us—blessed me—with great clients and a valuable team to support them,” Head said.

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