A Parent’s Survival Guide to Food and Fitness

August 23, 2017|

By Billy Cristofanelli

Summer is fun! I remember as a kid looking forward to finishing up a school year and enjoying the fact that I didn’t have to do homework or wake up early. I waited with great anticipation for fun family vacations to the beach and seeing my extended family.

However, like most kids I felt like the summer flew by and before I knew it, August had arrived and we were out buying school supplies and a few new outfits. As I grew older and played football in high school, it also meant that I had the great blessing (insert sarcasm here) of going back to school a few weeks ahead of time to practice every day in the blazing hot Georgia sun. That did not make going back to school easier.

What I realize is that summers are not easy for us as parents. I know plenty of parents who are waiting with great anticipation for school to return so the family can get back on some sort of a routine schedule.

Most of these parents have felt like Uber drivers all summer as they have taken their children from one activity to the next. Whether it was summer camps, friends’ houses, vacation Bible schools, the pool, or just having the kids there for every activity you do, parents are still wondering when their summer vacation begins.

So, as we begin a new school year, I thought I would pass along a few quick ideas around food and fitness to make the transition back to school a little easier and affordable for you and your family.

School, homework, after school study time, athletics, and many other activities make it difficult for families to do all that they need to do and still find time to even eat. Therefore, most of us end up stopping by some fast food restaurant and picking up something on the way home so the kids can shower up as quickly as possible and work their way toward bedtime.

As a parent I struggled with this idea and found myself looking for possible deals for kids’ meals around Augusta throughout the week that might help to save some money, but also get my kids fed without breaking the bank.

When I struggled to find this information, I decided to create a website and app that would help parents find this type of information quickly and easily. As a result, when you download the free Pinpoint Savings app and select the kids’ meal section under the search tab, you will see a listing of available kids’ meal specials for each day of the week. Usually you will have at least 3-4 different restaurants to choose from each day, and while the list is not entirely comprehensive, it should provide you with a great starting point to know what might be available.

The list continues to grow each month, so if you haven’t checked in a while, you might be pleasantly surprised to see all the new choices.

How is your health? Are you making any time for yourself to stay in shape during this crazy life we are all living? I turned 40 this year and I began feeling like the lack of physical exercise and bad eating habits were starting to catch up with me. For some reason, I couldn’t eat a whole pizza at midnight and drink Mountain Dew and feel fine the next morning the same way I could in my 20s.

So, I decided to make a decision to try and improve my health. I recently joined a new workout center called Epic and have found it to be exactly what I needed for someone my age. There are still younger people that are there that have far more expendable time that gives them the ability to work out for couple of hours and socialize, but there are also a large group of people in their 40s to 60s who need to have a great workout and be in and out in around 45 minutes or less.

While the price is a little higher than your traditional gym or other large facility, the service and training at Epic are exceptional and help to take people like me who have been out of the gym for a while and slowly return my body back to a healthier version.

I bring this up as part of the article because as a parent I have to take care of myself in order to be the best dad I can. I don’t want to feel tired all the time and not be able to participate in my kids’ lives in the best possible way.

So, if you are like me and needed a little kick in the pants, try out Epic or find a gym that can work for you and your schedule and see if you can put yourself back on track for a healthier you.

As a special incentive, Pinpoint Savings has worked out a fitness special for Epic. Details are available on our website, pinpointsavings.com.

As I close out the article for this month, I just want to say “good luck” to all of the parents that are reading this article and about to start out a new school year. I know it isn’t easy and I hope that maybe some part of this article has helped to provide some information to you that will help you and your family out this year. Just remember as Bonnie Blair said, “Winning doesn’t always mean being first, winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.”

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