Probation company changing probation industry through technology

July 25, 2017|

EVANS, GA, July 24, 2017 — CSRA Probation Services President and CEO Mike Popplewell is determined to help overcome the challenges of the private probation industry and help probationers succeed in life. One way he is making sure that happens is through his company’s smartphone app, Community Supervision.

The Community Supervision app makes communication between low-risk probationers and their probation officers faster and easier. The app allows the probation officer to ask a preset list of standard questions to the offenders. The officer will be able to know the probationers exact location through maps, and to verify their identity, the app records their photos and voices.

“Technology is becoming more and more integral in our world, and criminal justice is no exception,” Popplewell said. “I think criminal justice has lagged behind the rest of the country and the rest of the world, but we are quickly starting to realize the benefits of using technology.”

One of the most common reasons probationers end up in front of the judge is because they can’t make assigned appointments. By using the app, probationers who don’t have a car, or can’t drive a car because of a suspended license, are able to successfully complete their probation without a hassle. The app has a calendar, as well, so both the officer and probationer can see upcoming counseling or appointments.

“After 37 years as a probation officer, I have found that helping people succeed in life equates to higher success rates in their probation. Making a difference in the lives of our probationers is important to me,” Popplewell said.

Community Supervision is available on Android and Apple devices for free. For more information on CSRA Probation Services, visit their website,

CSRA Probation Services is a state regulated company committed to providing professional, ethical and diligent services to the courts, clients, and citizens of Georgia. Founded in 1997 by Mike Popplewell, who began his career as a state probation officer in 1980, CSRA Probation Services Inc. is headquartered in Evans, Georgia.

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  1. November 12, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    I was wondering how you establish positive identification when a face appears to keep an appointment by the video app? We use a vendor solution that the subject accomplishes himself online without a human proctor. It’s not facial recognition. His guaranteed ID arrives by video alert to the officer as the subject begins the video check-in session. We use the method to control liability if it’s ever alleged the fingerprints we were asked to use, were not those of the subject from whom we took the prints some time ago.

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