Summertime savings with kids

June 21, 2017|

Summer has officially arrived, and all the parents and children are excited that school is out! No more fighting over homework assignments, worrying about bedtime or curfews, or what to pack your child for lunch the next day.

All of that sounds great, and it usually is for at least a few days to maybe a week. Then reality sets in and parents begin to hear the dreaded two words, “I’m bored.”
Does that sound familiar? If so, you aren’t alone in your battle to make the summer a fun time for you and your family. Sit back and take a deep breath, and I will do my best to provide some fun ideas for your families that hopefully will keep you all from going insane and broke at the same time.

Augusta gets hot! I am sure that those hot summer days will become not only hard on your air conditioning unit, but also tough on your family. So, how do you escape the heat if you don’t have the luxury of owning your own pool or live in a community where one is available? Luckily for your family, there are numerous options throughout the CSRA where summer pool memberships can be purchased. A quick Google search for “summer pool memberships in Augusta” will yield many options, including neighborhood pool memberships at Riverwood Plantation, Jones Creek, Springlakes and Petersburg Racquet Club, just to name a few.

These memberships usually range from $300-$450 for a summer. Considering that most of these pools open in May and run through September, that means you are paying roughly $75-$125 a month for the benefit. I think you will agree that when the temperatures hit triple digits, the cost might be a good investment.

It’s hot outside, so head indoors. Augusta is blessed with many options that will both entertain your children and give you a few much-needed hours to get some things done. Does your child enjoy art? If so, consider an art camp at Artsy Me, which has locations both in downtown Augusta and Evans. These camps usually run for a few hours each day, and a week of enjoyment is usually around $175. Another option for the budding artist is Smocks. Smocks art camps are located in west Augusta. A certified art instructor will inspire and teach your child about how to create beautiful art. Art camps at Smocks range from $85 to $195 and are available to multiple age groups.

Do you worry that your child will become lazy during the summer break and perhaps put themselves in a position that could be unhealthy? If so, consider sending them to a summer sports camp. A local business, Athelite, can teach your children to have fun while exercising and help them develop skills that will help them live healthier and happier lives. The weekly camps usually run for a half a day each day and cost around $125 for the week.

If your child has an interest in gymnastics or just has a lot of energy that needs to be channeled, consider signing him or her up for gymnastics camp at C&C gymnastics. This local gym offers both half-week and full-week camp schedules and a price that ranges from $100 to $150. If you are not already a member, there is a $40 registration fee. Consider downloading the free Pinpoint Savings app and you will find a digital coupon good for free registration. Details on these two different camps can be found online.

These camps and memberships are just the tip of the iceberg for activities that are available for your family this summer. Also, remember that there is a kids’ meal calendar available at that will show you where to get your children meals free or at a discounted price for each day of the week. Pinpoint also provides a free app, which means all the coupons are available right on your smartphone.

Last but not least, always remember that sometimes all kids really need is a $3 box of Popsicles and a water hose for a good time. Have a great summer, and we will keep looking for more ways to keep more of what you make in your pocket.

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