Saving Money: Easy ways to save your hard-earned money

March 2, 2017|

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I don’t know if you feel the same way I do, but I find myself working harder, making less, and spending more. So what is a person or family supposed to do when they seem to be stuck in this cycle? Should we work even harder, put in more hours, and hope that by doing so we can gain a little extra ground? Maybe we should switch jobs or try to budget a little better, and maybe that extra money will magically appear. While I won’t begin to tell you that I can take care of all the problems above, I will say that through this and future articles I will attempt to save your family some money and help you as best I can. So let’s get this journey started.

So, you may be asking, who is this guy writing this new series of articles about saving money? I am just a regular guy approaching his 40s who is blessed with a great wife and two beautiful girls. My faith, family and friends are all very important to me and are my foundation for the life I live. OK, great, but how does that make you qualified to write a series of articles on saving money? Do you have a degree in finance or perhaps you are a CPA or financial adviser? Hmm, sorry, I am none of these. OK, but surely you are a professional writer and have studied journalism, so we can expect at least that much. Well, that answer would be “no” as well.

At this point, I am sure you wonder why you are still reading what this guy is writing. Well, if you are, thanks, and here is the reason why I do what I am doing: I like to save money. Plain and simple, I like to save money whenever I can and however I can. Now, if you ask my friends, they would probably use other words to describe me such as “cheap,” or if they were being nice they might say “thrifty.” It doesn’t really bother me, because at the end of the day I am the one who has to make my family’s finances work and hopefully provide a reasonable lifestyle for us.

About two years ago, I was doing what I think a lot of families do to save money and found myself “googling” for deals. On one occasion, I was searching for kids meal deals at restaurants in the Augusta and Evans areas. What I found, or perhaps it would be better stated what I didn’t find, was information that was current or accurate. I found old, outdated specials to places no one goes to or that were even out of business.

So I dug a little deeper. Unfortunately, those additional searches yielded much of the same results, and I found myself wondering why no one had this information gathered into one area. I thought that if someone did put this information together, it would be extremely helpful and would keep people from making the mistake we have all made and showing up on the wrong day and missing the deal altogether.

I decided that I would put something like this together and would start a new company focused on saving money and helping families. As a result, Pinpoint Savings was born and has been helping individuals and families in the CSRA since August 2015. So, I guess I am telling you this for a couple of reasons. The first is so you know that I do own a coupon business, and I do desire to help you in whatever way I can. The second is so you know I will look for ways to help you, whether through my business or other avenues that present themselves. So here goes. Listed below are some resources you may find helpful in finding kids meals and family specials in the CSRA.

  • Pinpoint Savings’ Kids Meals calendar offers unique restaurant specials organized by day and unlimited coupons to be used each week through its free app. Just hit the Kids Meals tab at the top or use the browse function and select Kids Meals on the dropdown menu.
  • The website provides a listing of local restaurants, including about 10 restaurants that have kids meals specials. No coupons are needed, since these specials occur at the restaurants on a weekly basis
  • This site provides a small list of restaurants that have similar specials to those at and a few additional offerings. Make sure you put in Augusta, Ga., in the search bar.
  • Ask a friend. You never know what you may learn, and you may be surprised as to how many deals you can uncover.

While this list is short, hopefully it will help you and your family discover some local savings and provide a bit of guidance on how to save a dollar or two throughout the week. I look forward to finding additional ways to helping families in the CSRA save more and spend less. Happy hunting!

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