Online Learning: Happy New Year from Google

January 27, 2017|

man sitting the MacBook retina with site Google on screen

Well, it is that time again. The New Year, and also Google algorithm, change time. Generally, the first of the year has been a standard time in which Google will make some major changes to their search and indexing algorithms. The big news for this upcoming year is Google’s efforts to mark websites without Secure Sockets Layer, SSL certificates as insecure. An SSL certificate basically creates an encrypted link between the hosting server and the web browser, such as Google Chrome. From a technical standpoint, websites without these SSL certificates are generally less secure, especially when they incorporate elements of Ecommerce or more commonly known as online shopping.

When you see the https up in the navigation bar in your browser, this indicates a SSL certificate. These are essential for websites where the user is required to sign in or to submit sensitive personal or billing data such as a social security number or a credit card number. So, what does all of this mean? Well, over the long term all websites in Google Chrome will be marked as secure or insecure by this new algorithm protocol. But for right now, it is essential if you sell anything online or if you require sensitive materials from users or customers to sign in and set up an account to use your site, then you must have an SSL or your ranking on Google will definitely be affected.

Not to fear though, SSL certificates are cheaper now then they have ever been. For example, on Godaddy right now they are on sale. Once you have purchased one of these it is necessary to attach it to your hosting account for your domain and web files. Also, if you are using WordPress there are numerous plugins to help with this process. Some Content Management Systems like Weebly come with the option to purchase a certificate at the initial site setup and hosting payment. So, no worries setting up this extra layer or security is easy and also gives you more credibility online with your potential customers and the ranking bots over at Google.

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