What Does Your Online Presence Look Like to Customers?

November 29, 2016|

By Richard Brashear

Last month we talked about the 3 pillars of online marketing: build more presence, create more audience and engage your website visitors. It’s time to drill down on how you can build more presence for your company.

There are really five areas of your online presence that you should actively monitor and grow: local business listings, online reviews, social performance, website performance and search engine marketing

I will cover each of these topics over time but today we are going to focus on local business listings and how they impact your business’ internet presence.

Business listings provide your company’s information, such as address, hours of operation and the like to online directories, review sites and search engines. It’s kind of like leaving an internet calling card around the web.

Why Are Business Listings Important?

First, consumers are looking online for products and services. According to BIA/Kelsey, 97 percent of consumers use internet when researching local products/services. For you to compete in today’s online world, your business has to be online with a built-out presence that is complete.

Second, accurate listings provide you web credibility. If your business listing is incorrect (wrong hours, address, etc.), search engines could be driving your customers right to your competitor’s website. In addition, Search Engine Watch has found that 73 percent of consumers lose trust in a local business when its listing is inaccurate.

Third, local business listings help amplify your web presence on search engines:

  • listings expand your online presence beyond search engines to review sites and online directories
  • listings provide inbound links back to your website increase web traffic

Is Your Business Listed?

The first question you should ask is, “Is your business listed where internet users are searching?”

There are many different places to search online from search engines to online directories to review sites. It is important that your business is listed where customers are searching and it is just as essential that your listings are correct and consistent across the web.

Once you understand where your business stands today, you can work on getting your business added to review sites, online directories and social sites to turn online searchers into customers.

How Can I Find Out How My Business Looks Online?

The easiest way to get a snapshot of your online is to check out our Snapshot Report at http://www.mainstreetdigital.com/how-your-business-looks-online. With this easy (and free) tool, you can get a summary of your online presences as well as areas of opportunity for your business. Getting a good understanding of how your business looks online is a great first step to growing your online presence.

Richard Brashear is General Manager for Main Street Digital, a local digital marketing agency that helps local businesses use digital marketing online. To learn more about using websites, social media or pay-per-click campaigns for generating leads online for your business, call Richard at 706-828-3948 or email him at Richard.Brashear@MainStreetDigital.com

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