Breaking Free From False Beliefs Leads to Fulfillment

October 17, 2016|

broken chainBy Carol Gignoux, Counselor, Live ADHD Free

In our work together so far we have:

1) Looked at your super strength called compensating and how that works to make up for the inconsistency caused by a roving brain.

2) Learned about “Planning Ahead: Five Steps to Creating a Habit that will Save Your Butt” that taught you how to gain control over your impulsivity and get things done so you can meet the expectations of others.

3) Explored the third compensating mechanism: Your People Support Network and how to further structure your life so you can make the most of your relationships with the people that surround you.

Now we will be talking about Compensating Mechanism No. 4: Dismantling Self Limiting and False Beliefs

How beliefs determine results is not a new concept. I suspect you have heard this before: The concept that we achieve what we believe we can and conversely we don’t achieve what we don’t believe we can. Like Henry Ford said: “If you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right.”

When did you last ask the question of yourself: “I wonder if I have any of those self-limiting beliefs?” Maybe never and probably not recently.

The truth is, we all have them. The problem is that we don’t know how much happiness and success we sacrifice every moment of every day as a result of their influence over our thoughts and decisions. Since our beliefs are unconscious, until we make them conscious, we may not have a clue.

And that’s the problem. For most of us, these problematic self-limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in unhappiness are completely unconscious. We don’t see what is behind our unsatisfying lives – those self-limiting beliefs that steal our thunder and drain the life force out of us every moment, every day, every way.

So here’s the good part. You need not continue to tolerate being a slave to your self-limiting beliefs. You can push away the walls of the box that surrounds you by going from powerless to powerful. Once you know what these problem beliefs are, your limited results, failures and unhappy cycles will begin to make sense. How could you expect to succeed with such beliefs guiding you?

There is a way to do this. With the help of a professional success coach, you can identify them, see what they are costing you, and begin to create new stronger beliefs based on your true abilities.

You won’t be able to do this on your own. Your conscious mind and long held problem beliefs are clever and ready to defend themselves at every turn. You will need assistance to see through these habitual patterns that have been keeping you stuck for a long time.

  • Wherever you continue to fail, not get what you want, and recycle the same problems over and over again, there are problem beliefs or set of problem beliefs underneath the issues.
  • You first must go through a process to find them. These problem beliefs will exist in the areas of your life where there are repeating conflicts within yourself. They show up as knots in your stomach or chest and are tied to relationships.
  • Once you identify these self-limiting beliefs, you will need help to create the best new ones to replace the old problem ones.
  • The final step that will determine whether or not you are able to replace old beliefs with new ones: You and your coach will set up an ongoing structured plan to instill in your mind your new empowering beliefs using a program of empowerment that includes repetition, persistence and faith in yourself. Your coach will keep you on track when you want to give up prematurely.

I want you to consider the importance of doing this work. After all, this is about how you are living your life – what could be more important? Are you willing and ready to open the gates to living your true potential, passion and happiness with conscious knowing of exactly what is holding you back? Or are you content to leave the gates closed to growth and fulfillment without knowing what it’s costing you?

Carol and her services are available at Carol is also the author of a book detailing what she learned from her 40-year journey as an ADHD coach working with hundreds of clients and includes her ground breaking discovery: “Your Innovator Brain – The Truth About ADHD” available at, and many independent booksellers.

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