The Write Stuff: A Quality Blog Can Generate Traffic to Your Website

May 31, 2016|

By Jeff Asselin, Director of Sales and Marketing, Powerserve

I’m often asked “What is a blog?” and “Does my business need one?”

First, let’s first talk about what a blog is. A blog (a truncation of the expression web log) is a discussion or informational website published on the web.

Blogs are made up of entries, or “posts” and blogs are typically sorted by most recent posts first. Many blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and share messages with each other distinguishing blogs from other static websites. Blogging is, in a sense, a form of social networking.

Blogs often provide discussion on a particular subject; some act as a more personal online diary, and others may serve to help promote the online brand of a particular individual or company. Blogs can combine text, images and links to other blog pages, websites or other media related to its topic.

Now that we know what a blog is, let’s talk about the top five reasons a business might want to consider blogging.

  1. Generate Traffic
  2. Reinforce Marketing Plan
  3. Gain Professional Recognition – Building a Network
  4. Show Your Knowledge
  5. Engage Readers and Attract New Clients.

Quality blog content can help generate traffic to your website. Blog posts can answer questions your readers might be asking. When their questions are answered they will often share your post across social media channels. Blogs are indexed (seen) by search engines as highly relevant and are a great search engine optimization (SEO) play.

Blogging regularly shows your dedication to your company and reinforces your marketing plan (posts can help connect a business’ strategies). In the world of online marketing and advertising, blogs can offer a personal voice for your brand.

Developing meaningful business relationships is key to gaining professional recognition. Sharing your own posts and actively reading other blogs will help your business build its own “authority.” Collaborating with your blog’s readers as well as other bloggers helps build a beneficial network designed to help grow your business.

Consistent blogging gives you the opportunity to show mastery of your industry knowledge. People will look to you for answers. Be sure to keep diversity in your blog topics in order to maintain your credibility with readers.

A big benefit of blogging is the ability to attract new clients through your active community engagement and share your content across their social media channels. Your posts may inspire someone. Keep in mind, all readers are prospective clients.

Bonus – When not to blog.

Some businesses build their entire company website on blogging software with the best intentions of blogging regularly. If visitors see lack of recent blog activity on your website it could have a negative impact on their perception of your company. Websites developed using blogging software can often be limited in their functionality and may present programming and security issues down the road.

It is important for businesses to blog. Blogging is a creative exercise that can reinforce your company’s brand, improve your search engine rankings and display you as an industry expert. Combining a solid website and separate blog site strategy will help your business in the long run. Be consistent, dedicated and promote often!

Jeff Asselin is Director of Sales and Marketing for Powerserve, a web development company that focuses on websites, custom business software, search engine optimization, graphic design and social media marketing. For more information, visit or his office at 961 Broad St., Augusta. Contact him at or 706-691-7189 or 706-826-1506, ext 122.

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