Happy Choices: Understanding Self-Worth Can Lead to Choosing to be Happy

March 21, 2016|

Happiness and attitude concept on napkinBy Carol Gignoux, Coach, Live ADHD Free

We human beings are a conflicted bunch. In an effort to simplify our lives, we overcomplicate them.

We argue about what to do for this, what is best for that, what the research proves, what science says, why I am right and you are wrong. Even though there are only a handful of reasons for our unhappiness, we have built countless professions, written thousands of books, created hundreds of courses and self help guides, and spent billions of dollars on finding happiness –something we already have immediate access to.

So what does this have to do with ADHD (or those with the Innovator Type Brain, as I prefer to call it)? In an effort to explain, understand and help those with this brain type, we have done the opposite.

If you’re labeled as having a disorder with an attention deficit, at some point in your life that will likely become your go-to explanation for your problems. And since clearly you are already damaged with the cards stacked against you, why put yourself through the embarrassment, constant failures and shame of trying to succeed? It hurts less to shut down, turn off and go underground.

So instead of what could be your amazing life, you live full-time on the Internet, self-medicate and numb out, gamble, get addicted to pornography or take up a life of crime. This is what happens to bright intelligent people who are marginalized early in life. I know – I have been working with them for years.

Happiness is knowing without a doubt that we are worthy and on this planet to make a difference. Not some of us – all of us.

Since we are born happy, we have the option every second of the day to choose happiness over unhappiness, love over fear, and to be a contributor to something positive or a victim of something negative. No one can convince us we are insignificant or beyond hope unless we allow them to.

It’s our business and our most important job in this lifetime to develop our gifts and talents in the way that is unique to us. Your life and mine are not, and never will be, about being condemned to fit a self-defeating label like ADHD.

Happiness is waking up every day knowing you count and your contribution is important even if only showing love to everyone you come into contact with, giving a boost to every life you touch.

Remember you have the same brain as all of the important innovators throughout time. Break through what is holding you back and find your purpose.

Carol Gignoux is a coach, trainer and motivational expert in the world of achievement and productivity with a 40-year background in educating and training people of all ages.  She is well established as an expert in ADHD Coaching with more than 16 years of experience. For the past decade she has engaged in extensive research and developed powerful insights into how dynamic relationships between individual people and their organizational environments are created. Contact her at 706-955-9063 or  carol@liveADHDfree.com.

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