Class Will Help Entrepreneurs With Product Value

January 12, 2016|

Innovation Academy 2It’s not enough to have a great product – customers have to want it as well.

A value proposition class by the Advanced Technology Development Center addressing that subject is planned for Wednesday, 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m. at

The value proposition class will be taught by Fintech Catalyst Michelangelo Ho.

Value proposition refers to addressing the pain points targeting customer demand in order for them to “hire” products that solve their problems. In other words, entrepreneurs need to make sure they address a real customer need instead of thinking they have a great idea or solution. Customers don’t care about products, they care about finding value that improves their condition and situation, so in this way, customers “hire” those products that bring authentic value to them.

This class on Value Proposition will provide a few simple steps to help entrepreneurs understand how to address customer needs.

In addition to the value proposition class, there will also be time for private consultations for entrepreneurs, as well as a networking event.

For more information, visit or theClubhouseAugusta on Facebook.

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