Seminar: How Credit Card Law Changes Could Affect Your Business

August 24, 2015|

credit cards 2With the advent of credit card chip technology come law changes that could significantly impact a small business.

To help small business owners and their employees understand these new laws, the Small Business Development Center in Augusta is conducting a two-hour workshop starting at 8 a.m. on Thursday in Suite 3500 of the Enterprise Mill building.

According to Rebecca Kruckow, SBDC Program Coordinator, if a business is not proactive about the law changes, the financial burden for fraudulent credit card transactions could now fall on the business instead of financial institutions.

Kruckow said that the average forensic investigation for such an occurrence is around $20,000 and could take months, during which time the business cannot handle further credit card transactions.

Registration is required for the workshop by calling Kruckow at 706-721-4545 or online at The $29 fee includes breakfast.

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