Employer/Employee Relationships: Almost Like a Marriage

December 30, 2013|

By Larry Rudwick

In many ways, having a job is like being married, or being with a significant other. And looking for a job or an employee is like dating!

If you are looking to hire someone, or looking for a job, here are some similarities to think about that may help you through the process.

They are both really important. For many people, two of the most important things in life are having a good job and having a good relationship with a life partner. If you don’t have both of them, you probably won’t feel fulfilled and you may just be plain miserable.

You need to really work at it. Finding a job (or a life partner) takes effort. If you are unemployed and serious about finding a job, consider your job search as a full-time job. In this economy, a good job is not likely to just come to you on its own.

If you have a job you like and want to keep, cherish it and do your best to keep your employer happy. Your employer should treat his or her employees with respect as well.

Looking for a job is like dating. If you want to become attractive and desirable for employers (or a possible life partner), it is best to first know who you are – what are you good at and what do you like to do. Also, where are you weak and what do you prefer not to do.

Second, don’t embellish or exaggerate. When looking for a job or a date, come across with confidence and not arrogance. Be very interested in the other party.

Third, do some research before the interview. Ask appropriate questions and be willing to learn and grow. Be articulate, open, honest and helpful.

Finally, have a good attitude, even if you have some baggage (who doesn’t?)

It’s not just about your technical skills. How well you communicate and get along with people is often much more important than your technical ability. Working for a business, like being in a marriage, means you must know how to communicate, negotiate and help solve all types of challenges.

Don’t sell yourself short. Some people tend to take the easy way out. Some people accept marriage proposals because they don’t think they can attract someone better for them. In the same way, they might take the first job offer that they’re offered, even though the job isn’t a good fit.

Seek professional assistance. Whether you are looking to hire someone, or looking to find a good job, there are professionals who can help. Make appropriate use of them. Doing some role playing with them can make a big difference!

Want some personalized help? There is no charge for an initial consultation.

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