Party Planning Without Stress

September 29, 2013|

By Lelia Williams, Geez Louise Special Events

As August comes to an end, believe it or not, holiday parties are just around the corner. Holiday events are an ideal way for a company to display its appreciation and to celebrate a year of success; not to mention, they provide perfect opportunities for employees to get together and enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of an office atmosphere. Parties can be stressful for the person responsible for the planning. I have put together a checklist that should help to alleviate some of the stress associated with party planning.

Budget- Determining a financial budget for the event early in the planning process is crucial as all important aspects of the event are dependent on the amount.  The event budget can determine whether an employee will plan the event or if you are able to hire a professional. The type of event and venue are also dependent on the amount allotted for the event budget.

Type of Event- Generally, holiday events fall into two categories: Luncheons and Evening Parties. Luncheons tend to be a more cost effective and relaxed, while evening parties involve dinner and entertainment and can require a larger budget. Another aspect to consider when picking an event type is the guest list. The guest list will be smaller with a luncheon that can be kept to employees only, as spouses are generally invited to evening events.

Venue and Theme – Once the budget and type of event are set, the next items on the list should be the venue, catering, and theme. You should also be able to solidify your event date by the availability at the venue of your choice. Venues should be booked sixty days in advance and will require a deposit. You should consider catering when choosing a venue. Would you like the venue to cater your event or will you bring in outside catering?  Does the venue offer a holiday package? Will place settings be included?  What is the clean up fee?  Will AV access be available if you are giving a presentation? All of these questions are important to the decision on venue.  After you have chosen your venue, you are free to choose the theme of your event and start with decorating ideas. In the age of Pinterest, there is no reason you should not have affordable and appropriate party decorations!

Invitation – Now that you have a date, venue and theme, it is time to send out the invitation. Invitations for holiday events should be sent out three weeks in advance, giving your attendees ample time to RSVP and make arrangements to attend. It is recommended that you send a formal invitation by mail if you are planning an evening event, while email invitations are acceptable for luncheons. The invitation needs to include the event time, date, location and RSVP date, as well as the appropriate dress code. Again, Luncheons should be business casual, while evening parties can be formal.

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