How to Create a Better Impact Position

September 29, 2013|

By Drew Belt, Westlake

Great golfers deliver a good amount of shaft lean at impact. Though the driver is a specific case (due to ball position and angle of attack), throughout the set, the best players deliver the shaft in such a way that it has not passed the line of the left forearm prior to impact (figure 1). This sometimes is called a “flip” and will occur when the left wrist cups (figure 4) on the downswing and into impact (figure 2). A flat left wrist helps to compress the ball to strike it solid every time, so great golfers tend to not “flip” at the ball any significant amount. If you are somebody that is struggling with picking the ball clean, hitting the ball fat, pulling the ball, or even slicing the ball; chances are you are probably cupping your left wrist into the ball (figure 4). A great way to feel the difference between a cupped left wrist and a bowed left wrist is to put your hands together out in front of you with your palms facing one another. Now, if you bend your hands to the left (figure 4) that cups the left wrist. Do the opposite and bend your wrist to the right (figure 3) and bow the left wrist. This is the feeling with the wrists you should have into impact. Now set your grip on a club and see if you can hit small shots feeling the bow in your left wrist as you hit the ball and into the follow through (Figure 5). The main focus should be, while you are hitting small half swing shots with your pitching wedge, look down and check your left wrist on your follow through. If there is any hint of a cup of the left wrist, adjust your hands, and try it again!  Every time you hit the ball, hold your follow through, look down and check your hands on each small shot. If this is done properly you will amazed on how fast you can learn a better impact position!

Drew Belt This is a sponsored Golf article. Drew is Assistant Golf Pro at Westlake Country Club, a PGA of America Class A Member. Drew has been teaching golf to all levels of players for over 10 years. For comments or story ideas email

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