Today’s Buzz: Pledges Needed For Interfaith Hospitality Golf Marathon In Augusta

September 29, 2011|


Most of you get a letter from me every year asking for your support of the Interfaith Hospitality Network.  Each year I accept the challenge to play at least 100 holes of golf in a day to raise money for this worthwhile cause (it’s a sacrifice but someone has to do it).

Pledges can be per hole or a flat pledge.  Give me a per hole pledge, I love a challenge!

If you are not familiar with Interfaith Hospitality Network, please keep reading.

Interfaith Hospitality Network is a safety net for families living paycheck to paycheck. Interfaith is the only way a homeless family in Augusta can stay together and get shelter.  There are other shelters, but they all segregate men from women and children. Interfaith gives these families the chance to stay together while recovering from the trials that have overwhelmed them.

Interfaith houses these families in 23 churches throughout the CSRA.  These churches are of all different denominations.  The people of these churches encompass every demographic of age, race and economic status.  Approximately 3,000 volunteers work in the ministry each year.  Their unifying force is the call to help the least able among us.

Interfaith is not a band-aid or a handout.  It is a long-term solution that helps families recover from homelessness and find permanent housing.  Families who work faithfully in the program can be assured of a safe home for up to two years while they save money at a mandated 30% rate to achieve their own recovery.  Interfaith is in the truest sense a hand-up, not a hand-out.  For more information about Interfaith Hospitality in Augusta, please visit

Please search your heart and do what you can to help us continue this critical mission.  You do not have to send me any money now, the pledges can be collected after the tournament.

Thank You for Your Support,

J. Edward Enoch, P.C.

3540 Wheeler Road /Suite 312

Augusta, Georgia  30909

phone: 706.738.4141

fax: 1.866.373.0759

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