“Going Green For Masters And Beyond”

March 31, 2011|

It’s Masters Time again! And for many of us, that usually marks the annual “Spring Cleaning” ritual. Homeowners and business owners alike are sprucing up their homes and businesses in order to make a memorable impression on Master’s guests and clients. Many of the visitors to our city will be staying in rental homes or hotels.

When considering the process of cleaning your facility, how much time do you spend thinking about the products that make up the cleaning chemicals you use? We walk around every day spraying chemicals on to surfaces we touch and in the air we breathe. Standard cleaning chemicals may contain ingredients with potentially harmful effects to our skin, lungs, and nervous systems.

Green cleaning chemicals introduced in the past several years offer definite advantages over traditional cleaners. Green cleaners have less impact on the environment and greatly reduce the health problems associated with standard cleaning products. These environmentally friendly cleaning products are a major step forward for the cleaning industry. But now, more can be done to protect our environment and natural resources.

Green chemicals will be identifiable by a certification from an agency such as Green Seal, EPA, or EcoLogo. These certifications indicate the product has undergone strict testing to ensure the chemical composition is safe for the people who use them and the environment in which they are being used. In addition, some products today are being certified by the USDA in BioBased content through the BioPreferred Program. These chemicals are made with natural, renewable ingredients derived from plants such as soybeans, corn, oranges and olive oil.

When choosing your next cleaning chemical look for a green alternative. Many products such as Pro-Link’s BioLink chemicals have USDA and EPA certifications ensuring a better choice for you and the environments. To learn more about these products, log on to www.prolinkhq.com for more information.

BRIAN HASKINS is President of The Haskins Company, Inc, an Augusta firm specializing in janitorial, packaging, food service supplies and sustainability consulting. Have any “green questions”? Call Brian at 706.733.7003 or email him at brian@haskinsinc.com.

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