There Are No Shortcuts in Quest for True Success

August 1, 2018|

As I travel across the country consulting, people constantly ask me what the secret to success is. I tell them that success isn’t rewarding if it’s easy. Maybe few of us get lucky and become successful with the very first thing we create, but such lucky breaks are few and far between.

It’s more likely that you and I aren’t among those lucky few. For us, there is only the path: years of challenging work, dedication, focus and struggle to create meaningful work every day.

Cheating your way, taking the easy route or copying others won’t make you successful. Such a success, even if attained, has a short life span, and you won’t feel satisfied with yourself.

But the success and its rewards you get after doing the hard work last longer, and you also feel satisfied with yourself for putting in the effort.

So, why should we run after short-lived success, when we have it in us to work hard, create great things and achieve permanent success — a success that’s not just limited to money, but also to living a simple, happy and creative life?

To become a pro and succeed in our craft, we have to keep working, no matter what. Most people want to be successful, but they do not realize that success comes from within and is a product of how we view successful people.

When our work isn’t any good, we have to keep working; when we don’t seem to make any progress, we have to keep working; when others laugh at us, we have to keep working; when others criticize our work, we have to keep working; when we can’t find a way to make a living from our work, we have to keep working.

It’s doing the work that will make us better and, someday, lead us to success and the rewards that come with it. All we can do is work with all our heart and mind in it. That’s the only thing in our hands.

Can’t we just stop looking for the next shortcut to success and instead focus on practicing our craft and producing more output each day?

There is an old and tested route to success, and it’s the same one that every person, past or present, who became the best in his or her field used to succeed. And that’s to put in the work every day, to try to get better at it every day, and to continue to learn from the masters every day. Let’s remember the reward at the end.

Let’s do the right thing ourselves. Let us be the ones who work hard, let us create value, let us give more than we ask for and let us succeed with integrity.

We don’t need shortcuts. Instead of the “short” way or the “long” way, we will take the right way to success. And that right way comes from excelling in our craft and creating meaningful things with it — adding value to others’ lives in some way.

So, which route will you take: the short one or the rewarding one?

In whatever you do, never allow anyone to outwork you. Never!

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  1. Alicia Hollies
    August 2, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    Word of encouragement is needed daily Thanks!

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