Summer Brings Launch of New Local Juice Brand

July 26, 2018|

Local chef and entrepreneur Jeremy Miller has launched a new organic cold-pressed juice brand called Earth Candy.

Miller and his wife, Cara, started the venture together. Both are from Augusta and attended Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School. Miller said they’re here to stay.

Miller had launched a juice business called Nutrition Simply earlier this year but later dissolved the company and launched Earth Candy.

“We didn’t want it to die,” Miller said.

The startup’s inventive flavor combinations, such as “24 Carrot Magic” and “Activated Lemon Drop,” are made with ingredients like turmeric, ginger, lime and agave. None of the products have added sugar, a key aspect that helps define the purpose of the venture.

The team of four also includes two juicers. Currently, the juice is sold at the Augusta Market on Saturdays, Oxygen Fitness Studio, Paleo Num Yums and fitness center Pure Barre.

“It’s raw, it’s unpasteurized,” said Miller, who has worked as a chef at Abel Brown and Champions Retreat, as well as renowned restaurants Jean-Georges and The French Laundry. “It’s all the vitamins and nutrients and enzymes…and you’re supporting the local community.”

But as Miller has found, it’s not a particularly easy community in which to launch such a business. While West Coast-dwellers are familiar with the benefits of nutrient-packed, cold-pressed juice, it’s hard to stand out in the South. Educating locals of its health benefits at places like the Augusta Market has allowed Earth Candy to gain recognition.

“At the market, it’s great cause we’re there,” Miller said. “We can talk about it. People say, ‘What’s the added sugar?’ And we’re like, ‘There’s no added sugar.'”

Miller said much of Earth Candy’s ingredients have come from Sprouts’ new Augusta store, as well as the Hancock Farm in Bartow, Ga., whose ingredient are all Certified Naturally Grown. He said sales have already surpassed that of Nutrition Simply.

Miller hopes to have a storefront at some point in the future.

“We really want to stay fun with it, and we want to keep the new flavors circulating,” Miller said. “It’s also fun for us.”

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