Pros Know Best Ways to Wash Concrete and Hardscapes

July 30, 2018|

Whether it is out back in the garden or the front driveway, there are now more houses than ever that utilize patio and deck areas. While these outdoor areas are enjoyable and add to the overall appeal of your home, they must be maintained to look good and stay in a healthy condition in the long run. If they aren’t maintained through regular cleaning, there is a real danger of dirt, grime, algae and other organic growth, oil and stains ruining the look of your paved areas.

Of course, the main advantage of pressure washing your concrete outdoor surfaces is to keep the area clean, and a licensed pressure-washing company will use the right equipment and commercial grade detergents to get the best results possible.

While this might seem like an easy do-it-yourself weekend project, most electric or gas pressure-washing machines you can buy or rent from the local home improvement store won’t be able to effectively clean your home’s hardscape surfaces. Professional pressure-washing companies use commercial-grade machines, detergents, cleaners and tools that have the power to treat and remove most stains, algae, and other growth using different tools and methods learned through years of experience and training.

Another factor to consider is cost effectiveness. In recent years, financial difficulties have led people to reduce their spending, sometimes in misguided areas.

For example, you should never stop going to the dentist, because you face the risk of missing a potential problem before it turns into something worse. In the same way, you shouldn’t forget to clean and seal your driveway or patio, because doing so will remove the risk of larger problems occurring in the future. Keep in mind that your home is one of the biggest investments you make, and money spent on its upkeep is always money well spent.

As we touched on earlier, grass, weeds and algae growth can be a nightmare for patio and hardscape areas. These types of organic growth are not only unsightly, but also can cause slip hazards when wet.

Additionally, when algae and other organic growth grow and spread between pavers, bricks and mortar in your home’s outdoor surfaces, the integrity of these surfaces can be compromised. Bricks and pavers can begin to crack and become loose, making it more likely that someone will trip and fall.

Regular pressure washing can eliminate organic growth such as this, ensuring a clean, slip-free outdoor area safe for all to enjoy. The cleaning can also highlight any areas that might need repairs.

Ultimately, all the benefits we have mentioned so far, plus many others — oil/stain resistance, better color of paving, keeping sand in place — all work together to keep your paving healthy and strong.

As long as you clean and maintain your driveway using a licensed pressure-washing company you trust, such as AllClean Pressure Washing, you will not need to pay for repairs or a complete replacement for a long time!

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