Remake of ’80s TV Show Launches Secret Binge Watching

June 24, 2018|

By Samantha Barksdale

Summer is finally here, which means you can find me doing one of two things: Lounging poolside or seeking a reprieve from the heat by catching up on what Netflix has to offer. The dog days of summer can be long, so this month’s reviews are dedicated to series that can keep you busy for a day or two … or more.


As soon as I saw the preview for the Netflix reboot of this series, I knew I wanted to watch it. Although I’d never seen the original, I knew it was a classic and I was curious to see if this version would live up to it. If you were a fan of the original series, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

While watching the first episode of the new Dynasty, I couldn’t help but think that the creators had used their creative license pretty freely. The plot was wild; edgy, feminist daughter sleeping with her driver in secret, gay son who doesn’t feel accepted by his dad, and father marrying a younger woman who just happened to have had an affair with an already married man whose wife suffers from a traumatic brain injury. There was no way, I thought, that all of this was included in the original version of Dynasty.

How wrong I was.

Fortunately, I did a little research before I decided to write this review. To compare the two versions of Dynasty, I hopped on to the CW Seed, which streams all of the original episodes free. After watching the first episode, I realized that the only things that changed in this story were the location and the race of a few characters. Much to my surprise, the original plot was just as convoluted as the new version.

Generally, I like to watch things that have a little substance. Every once in a while, however, I like to watch things that are completely ridiculous. Dynasty is just that.

Sure, I paused it every time someone walked in the room because I did not want anybody to know what I was watching and judge me for it, but my shame did not stop me from watching eight episodes in three days. Work days. I watched while I waited for my son to get out of practice, while I cooked dinner and any other time I had 10 minutes to myself.

I guess you can say I recommend this show, even if I would hesitate to admit to it in person.

‘Crossing Lines’

After my temporary addiction to Dynasty, I felt the need to redeem myself with a more respectable show. A show that deals with police agencies across Europe and international court systems sounded like just the thing I needed to get back my credibility.

How often I’m wrong.

I watched the first episode of Crossing Lines with my husband, who could not help but comment on the predictability of the characters within the first 10 minutes. Even though he was absolutely right, I felt the need to shush him. Yes, darling, there is always a guy with a chip on his shoulder and another guy trying to get his gambling under control. And yes, there will probably be a love connection between colleagues.

After episode one, I realized I was going to have to watch this show alone if I didn’t want someone pointing out the obvious next steps in the story. I’m a Law and Order fanatic and I am well aware of the fact that cop shows all follow the same pattern. I happen to like that pattern, and enjoying it meant watching this show alone.

While Crossing Lines isn’t as shallow as Dynasty, I’ll be the first to admit it’s still pretty much a soap opera. The backstories are completely overdramatized and seem to go on forever. Honestly, one of their team members has been missing for the last three episodes!

If you’ve seen almost every episode of Law and Order like I have, Crossing Lines is right up your alley.

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