Mercedes-Benz of Augusta Contributes to Bed Program for Kids

June 14, 2018|

Mercedes-Benz of Augusta has donated $100 for every car that was sold in the month of May to the YMCA’s “A Place to Dream” program, which provides beds to children in under-resourced homes throughout the CSRA.

“We signed on to support A Place to Dream at the beginning of the year when we heard how widespread the need is,” said Nate Cartwright, general manager of Mercedes-Benz of Augusta. “How could we not? So many of us take for granted every night, a comfortable and clean bed, which many of these kids have never had. Our staff has also pitched in for some of the deliveries in these homes, which I urge everyone to consider helping with. It will really change your perspective and increase your gratitude.  I would also other urge area business to follow our lead and step up either as a financial or volunteer partner. It makes a huge positive community impact,” he added.

Families receive beds via an application process with area social service agencies. Plans are underway to expand the program throughout the CSRA as resources and volunteer manpower will allow, with an annual goal of more than 500 beds by the end of the year.

The CSRA has many social service agencies which aid low-income families obtain housing. However, few have the ability or resources to help these families turn this housing into a fully functional home. Thus, family members are often forced to sleep on the floor, on a sofa, on an air mattress, or several members trying to fit into the only bed they could obtain.

“We are so grateful to Mercedes and all of our corporate sponsors.  Their selfless generosity is going to change the daily lives of these children in a powerful way,” says Danny McConnell, President/CEO.  “It’s amazing what a simple thing like a bed can do to positively impact a child’s daily life and health.”

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