Don’t Wait for the New Year to Make Changes

June 6, 2018|

By Stacy Roberts

Hello leaders! Guess what? Your change doesn’t have to begin with a new year.

At any time you recognize that improvement, change or realignment needs to occur, that is the time to make it happen. Many times as leaders, we postpone action. Sometimes it’s intentional and other times it’s just learned behavior. Here’s an example:

Have you ever had a staff meeting and brainstormed amazing ideas to implement within your organization, then, at the end of the meeting, you announce that the ideas will be readdressed at the next staff meeting?

Yes, some things need to wait for the right timing, but if the idea is something that can be implemented now for the advancement of your company, why delay?

In many areas of life — personal and professional — we put things off. Healthy eating, exercising, realignment of job duties, budgeting, financial organization and letting things go are perfect examples of activities that you don’t have to wait to complete.

Do it now. What are you waiting for?

I hope you’re not waiting for a new year to start, because that’s a lot of time that you’re wasting. The longer you wait to implement change in your life, the further behind you’ll be in achieving all that you are capable of as a leader. Make up in your mind today to no longer wait on a particular date to make a change that can happen now.

Your new year can start today!

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