Augusta Company Named Small Business of the Year by DOE

June 7, 2018|

Augusta-based company KAMO Manufacturing was recognized by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) as Small Business of the Year 2017 as part of the organization’s Small Business Awards Program.

Cited in an official DOE publication, KAMO received the award “for the creative, unique, and extraordinary performance of a small business which has significantly and directly impacted core DOE mission objectives and requirements.”

President Harris Weinstein received the award on behalf of KAMO in Houston on May 22nd, 2018 at the 17th Annual U.S. Department of Energy Small Business Forum & Expo.

Due to past performance, Supply Chain Management (SCM) also awarded KAMO with a long-term strategic agreement providing critical supplies to SRS.

KAMO consistently seeks opportunities to improve and identify value-added solutions to reduce life-cycle costs. Examples of KAMO’s efforts include:

KAMO initiated a cost-benefit analysis that identified process and product changes of 60 percent waste reduction opportunity, according to a press release. It also helped reduce the cost to SRS by 35.7 percent ( $1.05 million).

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