Your First Priority Is to Nurture and Develop Your Employees

April 10, 2018|

By Dub Taylor

As a manager, you might be guilty of becoming very task-focused and not taking the time to develop your people. If you’re like most, you probably find yourself focusing more on your customers than on your internal team, putting them above all else — and usually taking it upon yourself to handle the difficult customer issues.

With this in mind, you might have also noticed that the faster you develop and nurture your people, the better your customers will be taken care of. Therefore, the question becomes, what’s the fastest way to ramp up and nurture your team while not skipping a beat with your customer experience?

As a business development executive who has coached leaders for more than 20 years across the United States and internationally, I’ve become keenly aware of the challenges that exist between pleasing your internal teams and external customers in tandem. My research shows that nearly half of all managers struggle with this same challenge.

It’s a true career blocker since, as leaders, we want what’s best for our customers with minimal opportunities for potential screw-ups in the process. 

Here are four potential strategies that can work:

  1. Build staff development time into your day. Regularly have inexperienced members of your team partner with you when you work with customers. Coach them in advance regarding the customer’s situation and assign them a role that requires face-to-face problem-solving with the customer.
  2. Create a formal mentoring program. Assign senior and junior team members to work together.
  3. Celebrate and reward good behavior. Don’t write an email or call only when there’s been a problem. Instead, create a reward system that acknowledges small and large achievements.
  4. Use pairing across your team. Have people work in pairs, and mix up those pairs on a frequent basis.

Each of these strategies can work, but the key is to support the growth holistically. Make sure you document what you do and the results you obtain — collect data and use it to analyze and adjust your strategy as often as needed.

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Dub Taylor, the CEO of Dub Taylor Consulting, holds an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Management from the Jack Welch Management Institute and a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Stillman College. He is pursuing his doctoral degree in business with a concentration in leadership at Walden University. Contact him at, call 205.454.7242, follow #askDub or visit his website at .

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