Developing These Traits Helps Female Entrepreneurs Soar

April 16, 2018|

By Danielle Harris

I was in my 20s when I started my entrepreneurial mentoring company SDI, and I worked hard with my team of volunteers to make it successful. After years of growing my business, I’ve had the chance to coach female millennial entrepreneurs, and I began to notice a pattern of how these young ladies are unapologetic when it comes to taking risks and being leaders in their respective fields.

After years of working with female millennipreneurs, I’ve compiled the following list of traits that help young women business owners turn obstacles into opportunities and lay a path for the next generation of female business leaders.

Be your own greatest cheerleader

American billionaire businesswoman and Spanx founder Sara Blakely once said, “Don’t be intimated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”

It’s easy to make the mistake of underestimating your potential, especially if you feel as if you’re not as qualified as your competition. However, you have to be your own greatest cheerleader and believe in your abilities. Never forget the reason you started your business, and always realize you have what it takes to be great.

Position yourself as an expert

The marketplace changes quickly, and remaining an avid learner in your respective field will keep you relevant as an expert. Position yourself as an expert by showcasing your knowledge through speaking engagements and blogging. Consider avenues such as television, YouTube, Facebook Live and podcasts to keep you visible.

Bounce back from failure

My mother, Regina Harris, is a highly acclaimed pastor, and she always told me, “Danielle, you never lose but you learn.” I take these words of encouragement as a reminder to use failure as a tool for learning.

No one wants to experience setbacks, but challenges are necessary for growth. Rather than worrying about these moments, develop what I like to call “bounce-back strategies” so you can react with action instead of worry.

Make the connection

One of the secrets to building a strong business is having a network of people to collaborate with. Networking events can be intimidating, but overcome your fear of rejection and start working the room. You never know whom you might meet.

Cherish your support system

You will meet doubters along the way, but avoid these people and surround yourself with those who will inspire you and hold you accountable. In fact, get a business mentor and glean from their advice.

Remember, what you’re doing is too precious to be halted by those who don’t understand your vision.

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